EAGE 2017 at Paris

2017 EAGE  Conference and Exhibition at Paris

The 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition was held at the Paris expo Port de Versailles from 12th to 15th June. It is a big annual event and this year over 5000 people from over 100 countries were in attendance. The technical programme comprised 1000 presentations and over 500 e-Posters, 17 workshops, 6 short courses and two technical tours. The theme for the conference this year was ‘Energy, Technology. Sustainability – time to open a new chapter’.

This time my wife accompanied me to Paris and we had a very enjoyable time there. As we reached there on Sunday morning, after lunch we went out to see Champ-Élysées, a famous avenue where Arc de Triomphe is located, and the Eiffel Tower. River Seine is 777 km long and flows through the heart of Paris. It has 32 bridges over its length. On both sides of the river at many places, there are restaurants and cafes, and one can easily catching a glimpse of boats sailing up and down the river, close to the Eiffel Tower.

We took the Paris Metro everywhere, and also walked a fair bit that day. Got back to our hotel (Oceania Paris Versailles) tired, and after an early quick dinner called it a day.  Though my next three days were spent at the Conference, my wife was able to see visit many other places and had a good time.

Back in Early April this year, the EAGE has named me as a recipient of their 2017 Honorary Membership Award. So, the main attraction for me to attend the EAGE Conference this year was to receive the award (acceptance video can be found at (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OBYSyUXuaI), as well as make a presentation entitled ‘Characterization of shallow high amplitude seismic anomalies in the Hoop Fault Complex, Barents Sea ‘, in a session on Seismic Reservoir Characterization.

It was exciting picking up the award on day 1 of the Conference. The key award winners were asked to do a short video explaining their contributions to the geoscience they practice and to the society. These videos were played as the names of the award winners were announced at the awards ceremony. The ceremony started off at 3 pm on Monday, with the EAGE President, Chris Ward’s welcome address, followed by SPE President, Janeen Judah’s welcome address, which in turn was followed by the welcome address from the Chair of the Local Advisory Committee, Kevin McLachlan. The President-elect for EAGE, Jean-Jacques-Biteau, conducted the awards ceremony. We clicked many photos during the Conference, and some of the selected ones are appended below.